Theosophy; The New Rock ‘n Roll


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

1831 -1891

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What is the Secret Doctrine?

Although H P Blavatsky wrote loads

of other stuff, this is the big one



First Published in 1888, the Secret Doctrine is the big one as far as Theosophy is concerned. That doesn’t mean we can’t question it, everything in Theosophy is negotiable.


It is based on Eastern Esoteric Knowledge that was previously the preserve of an inner circle of highly developed Spiritual Masters or Adepts. These guys didn’t exactly give it away and H P Blavatsky was specially chosen to receive the knowledge.


The book is in two parts the first is Cosmogenesis

or the origin of the Universe and the second is Anthropogenesis or the origin of Mankind.


You can spend your whole life or longer studying the Secret Doctrine but there are many books at an intermediate and introductory level that explore the ideas. This website and its links are a start.



Where did H P Blavatsky get her information?


The Existence of the Masters

by C W Leadbeater


The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts

By William Q Judge


Masters and Men by Ernest Wood


Theosophy and the Masters

by William Q Judge



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