Theosophy; The New Rock ‘n Roll


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

1831 -1891

Theosophy Megastar

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We are the fifth mass reincarnation

of the Human Race in

the current Cosmic Era.

Two more to go


To start with, we are part of the Lifewave  moving through a cosmic era called a Globe. This is the fourth globe of a bigger cosmic era called a Round which consists of seven Globes through which the Lifewave will pass. Seven Rounds of the Globes make up an even bigger cosmic period called a Planetary Manvantara or evolutionary cycle of the Planet and we are currently in the fourth Round. A bit like the old money isn’t it.


The time spans involved in all this are incomprehensible in relation our experience of time and on the Involutionary go down to go up principle the fourth is the most material globe of the seven or the lowest point in the involutionary arc. All the Globes exist as companions the one we are currently on.


The current Cosmic Era is usually referred to in Theosophical Literature as Globe D. On each Globe the human race, as a group, moves through seven evolutionary reincarnations known as

Root Races and we are the fifth. There are two more to come and then the Lifewave will move on to the next Globe.




We are;


The fifth Root Race (Mass human reincarnation)




Globe D (Fourth Globe or Cosmic Era)


Of the


Fourth Round (Lifewave’s tour of the Globes)


Of the


Planetary Manvantara (Evolutionary cycle of the Planet)


Earth’s Planetary Chain

Our Companion Globes


Root Races; We haven’t always looked like this



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