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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

1831 -1891

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Origins of the Universe




H P Blavatsky used the term "Cosmogenesis" to describe the origins and development of the Universe. This is the title of Volume I of her two-volume Secret Doctrine, published in 1888.

H P Blavatsky does not speculate on the nature of a God, Creator or First Cause as it is beyond our comprehension but just accepts that this awesome principle must exist in order for the Universe to be here.


Her description of whatever is behind the Universe is this "an omnipresent, eternal, boundless and immutable principle on which all speculation is impossible." The word generally used in Theosophy is the “Absolute”.


To describe the generation of the Universe Theosophy dragoons the Greek word Logos (plural Logoi) into use. Like most classical Greek word, Logos acquired a flexible range of uses such as god speech or thought and was used by philosophers to describe the “Reason behind the Universe”. Theosophy uses it to describe an “Aspect of the Power of Creation”.


H P Blavatsky divides the creation of the Universe into three integrated parts of Logoi.


The First Logos is the First Cause or awakening power of manifestation. The Universe does not yet physically exist but only in potential.


The Second Logos is the design and strategy for the Universe. Universe still doesn’t physically exist yet.

The Third Logos is the physical manifestation of the Universe. Strictly speaking this is the first practical stage of manifestation and is referred to in Theosophy as the First Outpouring which brings the first two Logoi into play.


A loose analogy would be going for a hike. The first stage would be deciding to go and the second would be looking at the map for a route. The hike would not however actually exist until you took the first step outside the house bringing the first two stages into play.


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