Theosophy; The New Rock ‘n Roll


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

1831 -1891

Theosophy Megastar

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Beings above us

Beings below us

We’re quite high up but we’re not in the top division.

Promotion is a long way off but the

good news is that there’s no relegation.




Everything is evolving and all entities in the Universe fall into one of ten evolutionary divisions which we call Kingdoms of Nature.


These divisions cover a wider range than what we commonly term “nature” with kingdoms above the Human Kingdom and below the Mineral Kingdom.


It also needs to be mentioned that Theosophy maintains that there is no dead matter in the Universe and even a stone has consciousness but of course not consciousness as we know it.


We will be promoted to a higher division as will everything else but this takes an incredibly long cosmic period known as a Planetary Manvantara during which we pass through 343 stages of Manifestation or Root Races to  gain the appropriate evolutionary experience. Don’t hold your breath.



Let’s look at the Kingdoms


From the top


The Dhyani-Chohanic Kingdoms


There are 3 types of Dhyan Chohan (Sanskrit – Lords of Light) and they organize and run the Universe. They turn up as Archangels in Christianity and most religions have an equivalent.

They operate on higher planes of nature than our physical plane and are normally beyond our experience.


The Human Kingdom


This is us and we are differentiated from the Animal Kingdom by our self awareness and self determination.


We are all familiar with the next three Kingdoms which like the Human Kingdom operate on the Physical Plane and therefore we can see them.


The Animal Kingdom


Plant or Vegetable Kingdom


The Mineral Kingdom


There are now 3 Elemental Kingdoms and these are outside the physical plane.


Elementals work behind the scenes and support the

infrastructure of the Universe. They turn up as nature spirits such as elves, pixies, gnomes and fairies. Many traditions seem to have nature spirits in some form.


It is exceptional to see elementals.



Where we are


So our situation is that in the evolutionary hierarchy we are in the fourth division of a ten division league.





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